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Beyond Pittsburgh

Beyond the Golden Triangle...beyond the three rivers...beyond the many bridges...are adventures to be had...beyond Pittsburgh…. are the small towns and interesting places that contribute to the colorful stories of Western Pennsylvania. Passport to Pittsburgh, LLC can customize an excursion aboard a luxury motor coach for an adventure beyond the city life….

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Tour: Explore the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart, Indiana Pa. Tour guests enjoy the “hometown” charm of this old-fashioned town filled hospitality and Americana. You‘ll feel like you’re in Bedford Falls.

The “Wright” Stuff Tour: Experience a Laurel Highland Adventure along the Historic National Road , Route 40, including a visit to one of  the iconic architectural homes of Frank Lloyd Wright. (Fallingwater/Kentuck Nob)

“An Amish Adventure” Tour: Only a short drive north of Pittsburgh is an Old Order Amish community. Enjoy a leisurely day in the country and experience the calmness of the simple people.

“Wine and Winners” Tour Series:  These day trips feature an adventure to a casino and winery. What a winning combination?!

How about the “Secret Garden Tour”? Or the “Tea Lovers Tour”? Ligonier, Bedford, Cleveland, Johnstown, Erie ? The possibilities are endless. What is the place “beyond” our city that you’ve always wanted to visit….???? Passport to Pittsburgh, LLC can make it happen.