Passport to Pittsburgh

The Passport to Pittsburgh tour series allows your group to have an international day trip experience right here in Pittsburgh. There is NO need for airplane travel or standing in line at TSA…just book a Passport to Pittsburgh tour and locally experience Europe’s finest. 

“Oo La La” Tour

Discover Parisian Pittsburgh. Visit a French gothic church, spread jam on a flaky Parisian croissant, sample crepes in a French bistro and discover French wine. Voila, c’est magnifique!

“Mangia Mangia” Tour

Spend a day exploring Italian heritage in our city. Enroll in a cooking class in Bloomfield’s little Italy, visit an Italian garden where old country heirloom tomatoes grow and taste Italian delights from antipasti to biscotti.

“Pass the Pierogies” Tour

Explore the rich Eastern European heritage of Pittsburgh and Western Pa. Visit a Polish deli, take a lesson in pierogi making, visit churches with icons and murals and meet Joe Magarac, the Croation tall tale hero of the steel mills of Pittsburgh.

“It’s Greek to Me!” Tour

Visit a Greek importer of delicacies. You will be able to taste imported olives, oils and ouzo, oh my! Decide between a gyro, spanakopita or lamb for lunch in a Greek tavern before visiting a beautiful Greek orthodox church.

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