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During this Passport to Pittsburgh Pasta! Please! Masterclass, participants will learn the history of pasta while sipping an Aperol Spritz and then make wonderful pasta. This is a fully hands-on class. 


After the pasta making fun, participants will enjoy the fruit of their labor and anyone who desires, will have time to shop at La Dolce Vita Boutique for a preview the Boutique items!

Buon appetito a tutti!

Rome born Viviana Altieri, is the Founder of Istituto Mondo Italiano and the host of the radio show, The Italian Radio Hour.


She moved to the Pittsburgh in 1993 after two students from Duquesne students bet a $100 that “she would never leave her momma”, and 25 years, Viviana is still here!

She developed her professional career in Engineering, Biotech and Banking, travelling all over the world, developing new markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


In 2012, after living in Turkey with her husband for a year, she returned to Pittsburgh to open Istituto Mondo Italiano to offer THE authentic Italian experience to anyone loving the Italian culture and language.


In 2016, Istituto Mondo Italiano earned Viviana the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award that she holds dear to her heart.


On any given day, you will see Viviana teaching children and adults how to speak Italian or how to make delicious Italian fares. Additionally, Istituto Mondo Italiano offers a full online boutique of wonderful items made in Italy.


Viviana is definitely a person you want to meet. Her stories about Italy will make you dream about being there!

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